Our Services

Our Services

For Thyroid Eye Disease

  • Medical Therapy of Thyroid Eye disease
  • Eyeglasses for double vision
  • Orthoptics evaluation
  • Orbital Radiotherapy
  • Orbital Fat Decompression
  • Customized Orbital Decompression
  • Combined endoscopic and lateral wall decompression
  • Surgical correction of Eyelid Retraction
  • Surgical correction of Double vision

For Orbital Tumors

  • Direct Orbital Tumor Removal
  • Trans Sinus Orbital Tumor Resection
  • Transcranial Orbital Tumor Surgery
  • Modified Lid Sparing Orbital Exentoration
  • Endoscopic Assisted Orbital Tumor Resection

For Eyelid Surgery

  • Modified Ptosis Surgery
  • Developed Clamp To Treat Trichasis (Used in Africa to treat a blinding form of eyelid malposition)
  • Blepharoplasty Cosmetic Surgery


Orbital Surgery

  • Direct Orbit Approach Through Cosmetic Incision Surgery
  • Combined Neurosurgical Procedure
  • Combined Orbit/Sinus Approach

Thyroid Eye Disease

  • Medical Treatment
  • Orbital Decompression
  • Correction of Double Vision
  • Correction of Lid Retraction

Treatment of vascular tumors with Interventional neuroradiology
Fine needle biopsy of Orbital Tumors
Tear duct surgery – external and endoscopic
Ptosis(droopy eyelid surgery)
Blepharoplasty cosmetic eyelid surgery
Brow lift
Entropion / Ectropion repair
Trichiasis repair
Eye muscle surgery
Lid retraction surgery
MOHS facial and eyelid reconstruction
Eyelid reconstruction
Skin cancer surgery
Orbital fracture repair

Technologies Available at Columbia University Medical Center

Endoscopic Surgery
Intraoperative Surgical Navigation Devices (Landmark/Brainlab)

Neuroradiology Department (First In The Country)

  • High resolution MRI facilities
  • MR/CT under pediatric monitored sedation
  • Cutting edge PET scan technology
  • CT and MR Angiography

Interventional Neuroradiology Team
Cancer center
Mohs Surgery
Orthoptics for treatment of thyroid eye disease double vision

Radiation Therapy for treatment of

  • Thyroid Eye Disease
  • Orbit Tumors
  • Optic Nerve Tumors

Gamma Knife Radiotherapy Center
Craniofacial Team

Vascular Lesion Center

  • Treatment of Capillary Hemangioma
  • Center for Treatment w/ propranolol